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Applications for absentee ballots will only be accepted if the voter’s name as registered, street address as registered, city-state-zip as registered, year of birth, and signature of the voter are supplied.

Absentee Voter Application

Please follow instructions on application when completing.


Early voting in the Clerk’s Office until February 3, 2017.

Absentee ballots may be requested by calling the County Clerk’s Office or sending in an Absentee Voter Application.

Absentee ballot applications must be received in the Clerk’s Office by February 3, 2017. This is the last day we can ballots. Ballots can be returned to the Clerk’s Office or the polls until 7:00 pm on Election Day.


Roy School District
Harding County Community Building
7 am - 7 pm

Mosquero School District
Harding County Courthouse
7 am - 7 pm


Official Results

County Clerk

CJ Garrison

Phone: 575-673-2301
Fax: 575-673-2922


Chief Deputy Clerk

Courtney Mitchell

Phone: 575-673-2301
Fax: 575-673-2922


Online Services

Our Online Services provide a convenient and centralized way to search for documents recorded in our office. To access the system, click on the link below. Please consider adding it to your favorites for easier access!

If you are searching for minutes of commissioner meetings, they can be found through Online Services

Click here for Online Services


Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of the county clerk can be summarized as follows:

  • The county clerk serves as the arm of the state with regard to the administration of elections in the county.
  • The county clerk has significant recording, filing, and indexing duties as the repository for numerous documents required by law to be filed of record in the clerk’s office.
  • The county clerk serves as the ex officio clerk for the board of county commissioners of their respective counties.
  • The county clerk also serves as the clerk for the probate court.
  • The county clerk is responsible for the issuance of marriage licenses, and other miscellaneous permits and licenses and the collection of fees for same.
  • The county clerk has other varied statutory duties, including but not limited to those relating to the routine financial transactions of the county. 


Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State

The Office of the New Mexico Secretary of State is an excellent resource on any topic including recording and election duties for county clerks.

New Mexico Secretary of State
325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300, Santa Fe, NM 87503

Phone: 505-827-3600