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Roy School History

The old school was built in 1923. It was made up of three red brick buildings. The large building was two stories tall and had a basement. The building went the front of what is now the new school to the football field, and extended to where the shop and preschool are located. The library, a few of the high school classrooms, the lockers, and the typing room, were located on the second floor. Most of the junior high classrooms including the band room and restrooms were on the first floor. The junior high included the 5th through the 8th grade and the high school was 9th through 12th grades. The junior high and the high school were both in the large building. The basement housed the boiler room and a few other seldom used classrooms. The small building was East of the high school. It was the building that housed the elementary and the cafeteria. It was the building that housed the custodian’s room in the basement. The gym and shop were South of the high school and this is where the parking lot is now located. The school buildings were destroyed in 1980 after funding was received to build a new school. While the old school was being rebuilt, the students had classes in the gym. The playground was between all three buildings. According to some people in Roy most of the people that are originally from Roy before 1980 attended school in the building above.
Written by Rumaldo Pacheco

Roy School 1980