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San Acacio Catholic Church

San Acacio Catholic Church

Sabinoso, NM

The church is located in the canyon of the Canadian (Red River) which flows into Conchas Lake. This territory belonged to the Parish of Chaperito until 1932. Sabinoso is 35 miles from Mosquero, southwest below the mesa. Canon Largo is almost 2 miles up the river from Sabinoso, but its church is on the opposite side of the river and one crosses the river on horseback to get there.


The church at Canon Largo is dedicated to San Acacio whose name is found as Acathius in books of saints. He was a Roman officer who was martyred in the year 303. Represented here is a wood carving of the saint, made by an unknown artist. The 7 little men at his feet carry weapons looking like guns. This and their size probably is to show that the Saint was an officer. Much work has been done by the people the last few years in rebuilding the church of San Acacio.