New Mexico's

"Home on the Range"


Pinon Cowbelle's

Pinon Cowbelle's


President - Tootie Clavel

Vice President - Barbara Shaw

Secretary -

Treasurer - Darlene Hazen


* Cowboy Feed - August 6, 2016 @ Roy Park

* Cake/Pie Auction

* Scholarships


Upcoming meeting:

4th Wednesday of 
each Month @ 5:00 PM

Harding County Community Building



Next Meeting

July 20, 2016

5:00 PM


Cowbelle Club Members

- Pay member dues of $20 per year

- Main event is the Cowboy Feed in August

- Followed by the Cake/Pie Auction to raise funds for 

the yearly scholarships.

The New Mexico Cowbelles' Creed

Believing that the livestock industry is of basic importance to world existence, we, the New Mexico CowBelles dedicate ourselves to support it with our labor and finances; to promote it through information and publicity; to encourage its producers with our understanding and love; to do all in our power to instill in the coming generation the love of the land and of life, the humility and awe before nature and the hope and faith in the future that is inherent in cattlemen and cattlewomen.

New Mexico Cowbelle members are a part of the nationwide network of CowBelles and CattleWomen all working together to educate the public about all aspects of the beef industry.
New Mexico CowBelles work in close partnership with the
American National CattleWomen, Inc., the New Mexico Beef Council, the New Mexico Cattle Grower's Association, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

New Mexico Cowbelles'......NOW

New Mexico CowBelles are women banded together by their common interest in the Beef Industry and related agribusinesses. Many members have a financial interest in the Beef Industry, but membership is open to any woman interested in the welfare of the Beef Industry and willing to promote Beef.
New Mexico CowBelles are instrumental in disseminating nutritional information to people of all ages through volunteering at schools, fairs, and events across the state and at regional and national conventions. They are the face of the industry as they man the New Mexico Beef Council booth during the New Mexico State Fair (Expo New Mexico). 

New Mexico Cowbelles'......THEN

The first CowBelles meeting was held in Douglas, Arizona on October 17, 1939. At that time membership was limited to rancher's wives or daughters or women who owned their own brand and cattle and was more of a social club than a livestock industry advocate.
The first local chapter of New Mexico CowBelles (NMCB) was founded in 1957, when Pat Nowlin, an Arizona CowBelle moved to New Mexico with her family. She was instrumental in getting a group of like-minded women together and served as the New Mexico CowBelles first president.